Frequently asked questions


    General rules and questions


    Is there any age limit for using the equipments?
    The equipments of the trampoline park can be used from 4 years of age. Children between 4 and 6 years of age can only jump under adult supervision. Also the accompanying adult have to buy ticket.
    Is parental attendance required for minors in the park during open hours?
    Only children under 6 years of age need mandatory parental supervision. Children who already reached the age of 6 can go to the equipment on their own.
    Why the registration is needed?
    Our online registration have to be done by everyone who wants to use the park's equipments, as besides the park's policies it has a liability statement, which have to be accepted by all of our guests. Our guests under the age of 18 can be registered by their parents / legal representatives under their own name.
    How much earlier should you arrive at the park?
    If you have already purchased your ticket, it is worth to arrive at the park at least 20 minutes before the start. So you can not surprise yourself unexpectedly and you can get your armband, your socks and change your clothes in leisurely circumstances.
    What kind of clothes should I wear while jumping?
    Sporty, comfortable clothes are recommended for jumping on trampolines.
    Why is it important to use trampoline socks?
    Trampoline socks are coated with a special anti-slip layer on their feet. This not only helps reduce the risk of accidents but also increases the level of experience associated with the usage of trampolines. Socks have to be bought for the first time, then everyone can bring them back to the next jumps. You are not allowed to use socks bought in other trampoline parks
    Is there any chance to participate in Cyberjump trainings?
    Training and training sessions in Cyberjump are currently being organized. As soon as they are launched, we will also inform our guests on our facebook page and on our website. In the meantime, our skilled animators can be asked to help you learn one or two tricks.
    Are there any headcount limit on the trampolines?
    Yes! We allow max 140 + 10 people per hour to jump on the trampolines. The system can not sell more tickets, so if we reach this headcount we can not generate more tickets.
    Is there any weight limit?
    Yes there is. Unfortunately, with a weight above 110 kg our guest can not use the equipments.
    Is it possible to bring food to the park?
    At Cyberjump you can buy food and drink at the bistro during opening hours. So bringing food from outside to the park is not allowed.
    What to do if you lose / miss something in Cyberjump? Managing lost properties.
    In the park we collect a plenty of lost clothes every day. We can not provide information about these items by phone or e-mail. You have to come back and find the lost clothes among the lost properties. We can provide information about lost items with more value (phone, documents, purses, etc.), but we give an item back to a person only after a checking. If you lose your valuables on an equipment, e.g. in the sponge pool, we ask you for your contact details and when the item is found by us during the regularly cleaning of the sponge pool, we will notify you and give the lost valuables back.
    Is it possible to bring a phone, video camera or photo camera on the trampolines?
    Normally it is not allowed but is not prohibited to use these devices in the park. If someone takes them to the trampolines, it can done only with own responsibility. If the device is damaged, lost or stolen, the owner is responsible for it. If the device you would like to apply can cause injury to humans or equipments, then we won’t let it go in with you. Additionally, we forwarn you that the usage of such devices increases the risk of injury, as the user may not be able to concentrate properly on safe jumps.
    Is it possible to bring any sport equipment on the trampolines (eg. bounceboard)?
    We only let our guest bring such a sport equipment on the trampolines that was approved and checked by the park staff and only in the period when this does not bother other guests when they are play.
    Can I bring a dog at the area of Cyberjump?
    It is not possible.
    Is there a dressing and bathing opportunity?
    Yes, there are dressing rooms where you can find showers rooms also.
    Can I lock up my valueables, while I'm jumping?
    At the reception you can ask for a padlock with combination locking methode so you can close the cabinet in the dressing room with them. We ask you for a deposit of 50 RON (payable only in cash) for the padlock, which is returned in exchange for the padlock. We will not be able to return the deposit if the padlock is destroyed.


    Buying a ticket, conditions


    Is it possible to place a seat in the trampoline park or just buy a ticket?
    The ticket can be bought in advance, online or on site at a later date. Ticket can not be booked without purchase.
    What happens if you miss the start time?
    Of course, we always try to handle our guests' requests flexibly, but this does not always depend on our kindness. If there is more space at the start of the next hour, we can put the ticket up for later start.However, if all the tickets have been sold at a later hour, there is no possibility of modification. In this case, our guest who arrived late can start the jumping later but they have to leave the trampolines at the end of the time slot with other guests.
    Can I cancel my date or can I change it? If yes, how?
    According to our GTC in the case of a ticket purchase, after leaving the cash desk or finalizing online ticket purchase, we can not cancel the order after the order has been finalized. We are not able to re-exchange the purchased ticket/voucher, and we can not pay back the purchase price. If you have already registered on, as a registered guest you have the opportunity to change the date of the purchased ticket 48 hours before the booked date and to choose another date. To do this way you need to login to your account. You can only change the date with the same terms as the purchased ticket and choose a time when there is still free slot available. eg. 1 hour ticket for 1 hour, two-hours booking for two-hours can be booked again. If you bought multiple tickets at the same time, you need to manage the change for each ticket. In case you have less time than 48 hours between your purchase and the booking date, unfortunately it is not possible to modify it. If you have any questions about booking time, please feel free to contact our colleagues at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address.
    Should a ticket be purchased for the parents if they only accompany their child?
    No, not necessary. Only those guests need to buy tickets who would like to use our trampolines.
    What should I do if I do not receive the online ticket (s) I purchased? What could be the problem?
    Based on our experience so far, several times the misstyped e-mail address is the guilty. In addition, some spam filterings of mail systems, such as,, (NOT not allows you to send emails with image. (QR code). Unfortunately it does not depend on us, but on the settings of the email provider. You should register with another e-mail address to avoid such a mistake. If your ticket does not arrive and you still do not receive it, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details of the purchase.
    Is it possible to buy a gift card?
    Yes, it is possible to buy vouchers both online and on site, which can be used later. Two different vouchers are available: 1 Hour jump Voucher for 1 Person, and Daily ticket voucher for 1 Person. These vouchers can be redeemed / used both online and locally. The vouchers cannot be redeemed on different ticket types or on other products or services and are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. IMPORTANT!!! You can only redeem the 1-hour voucher for the normal 1-hour ticket, and the daily ticket voucher only for the daily ticket. It is not possible to exchange vouchers for discounted tickets, and we cannot refund any price difference.


    Birthday parties


    Can accompanying adults go on the trampoline with the children?
    Only those who have purchased a ticket can go onto the trampoline area. In the case of birthdays, only children for whom the package has been reserved can go onto the trampolines. If adults also want to jump, they have to buy a 1- or 2-hour ticket. Otherwise they can wait at the tables. Each 4-5-year-old child must be accompanied by 1 adult, but parents of children of this age do not have to pay an entrance fee.
    What do I have to do after booking the birthday party?

    Every host parent must provide a liability declaration in the name of guest children under the age of 18.

    You can download the group liability declaration here

    In what order do the programs take place?
    The birthday party always starts with 1 or 2 hours of jumping according to the booked package, followed by the celebration and the meal. The birthday table is designated by the park staff for the event. It is recommended to arrive 20 minutes before the booked time, so that the children can comfortably change their clothes. The birthday table can be taken half an hour before the start time and must be left no later than 15 minutes after the end of the event.
    How can parents participate in the celebration?
    Cyberjump's birthday packages are tailored for children. While the children are jumping on the trampolines, the parents can wait at the festive table. After the jumping, the parents hand over the table to the celebrating children.
    Is it possible to change the date of the party or the number of the participants?
    The date of the birthday party can be changed no later than 48 hours before the booked date. For this, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The number of people participating in the birthday party can be changed on the spot depending on the occupancy of the park. In this case, the number of participants cannot be under 6 people neither.
    What happens if more or fewer people come to the birthday party compared to the reservation?
    The reserved number of participants must be paid in any case. If more people arrive, we can only let them into the trampoline area if we do not have a full house. In such cases, the price difference can be paid on the spot. Entry will be refused if the trampoline area is full.
    Is it possible to cancel a birthday reservation?
    No, it is not possible to cancel a birthday reservation. If you cannot come, we recommend that you change the date of the reservation at least 48 hours before the booked time.
    For how many people can I book a birthday party?
    6 - 24 people (in case of more than 24 people, please contact our colleagues at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    Can I bring cake to the birthday party?
    The price of the birthday package always includes a cake. If you do not want to consume this on the spot, but would like to take it away wrapped, this must be indicated in advance upon arrival. You can only bring another cake if you have the certificate of conformity document.
    What flavor cakes can you choose from?
    Ferrero choclate cake / Cherry cheescake
    How many slices does the cake have?
    Our birthday cakes have 12 slices. For bookings of more than 12 people, we provide 2 cakes.
    How many people can fit at one table?
    A table is set for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people. If a birthday package is booked for more than 12 people, we will set 2 tables.
    What decoration do we get for the birthday table?

    We welcome birthday groups with a beautifully laid table. It is forbidden to bring confetti, balloons and pinatas to Cyberjump! Open flames, candles and fireworks should not be brought in and should not be lit. Please do not bring your own decorations into the park! The birthday table looks like this:


    Will there be an animator with the birthday group?
    We cannot provide our own animator/supervisor for birthdays, this service is not included in the price of the package.




    Is online registration compulsory for groups?
    Not necessary. You can find a downloadable group liability declaration on the website. This statement needs to be completed with the details of all children and signed by an adult attendant. The statement needs be given to our staff on arrival at the park.
    Is the liability declaration or registration obligatory for everyone?
    Everyone who wants to use trampoline equipments are obliged to submit a liability declaration, which is a group liability statement in case of groups.
    Is an accompanying person (teacher) allowed to go to the trampolines if he/she does not want to jump?
    An attendant can only go to the trampolines if he/she buys a jumping ticket, otherwise they can only wait near the trampolines. This is so due to the maximum amount of people who can be on the equipment at the same time. This is a safety requirement, which we cannot ignore.
    Is is possible to park with a bus on the spot?
    Yes. Parking is available for buses at the car parking area of the ParkLake Shopping Center.
    How can groups of schools or non-profit associations buy tickets to Cyberjump?
    On the homepage under the the „groups” menu you can find a "Email us" button. By clicking on it you can book your tickets via email. It is important that the requested information should be given precisely in the e-mail.
    Should a ticket be purchased for an accompanying person?
    No. Not necessary, if the guest does not want to jump.
    How dangerous is the use of the trampoline park?
    Our trampoline park is built and operated under the strictest safety standards. The risk of injury is no more likely than in case of doing other active leisure activities.
    What kind of payment options are there?
    Optional payment methods are: bank transfer, paying by cash on the spot or card payment.
    How much earlier should you buy your tickets?
    This changes periodically. The end of school year period is also busy on weekdays, so you should book and buy your tickets as soon as possible.
    By when is a ticket available to buy?
    The slots always start at the beginning of an hour. It is not possible to join at mid-time.
    How much earlier should you arrive at the park?
    For groups the check-in process and changing the clothes can take some time, so we suggest to arrive at the park at least 20 minutes before the start.

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