At Cyberjump it is possible to purchase group tickets. Before making a group booking please read our policies carefully.

    When purchasing tickets, please note that we cannot refund tickets at the park.

    If you are unable to specify the exact number of guests, please only pre-purchase as many tickets as will be surely used. If necessary, it is possible to purchase extra tickets on the spot and to pay the price difference due to group headcount change. .

    Our prices for schools, non-profit associations and for camps:


    For 1 hour 30 RON /person
    For a 2-hours period 55 RON /person

    These prices only apply to weekdays, with a minimum group booking of 20 persons and by prior appointment.

    More information and booking

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    For groups, filling out a group liability statement is mandatory!

    You can download the statement here:

    In Cyberjump it is required to wear jumping socks, that can be purchased in the park at a cost of 10 RON /pair. Please calculate prices with them as well. A guest, who has already bought Cyberjump jumping socks does not need to buy one again

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