Cyberjump trampoline park House Rules


    1. General Information

    The Cyberjump trampoline park is operated by CYBERJUMP RO S.R.L., Romanian legal entity, with its registered office at Bucureşti Sectorul 2, Strada GARA HERĂSTRĂU, Nr. 4B, SPATIUL 14, Etaj 9, Municipiul București, Romanian, registered with the Trade Register attached to Bucharest District Court under no. J40/21715/2021, tax number RO 45342755. (hereinafter as the “Provider“).

    The Cyberjump trampoline park can only be used as intended in compliance with these House Rules and may not be associated with any form of childcare, children’s supervision or education facility/centre. Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the Cyberjump trampoline park team.

    These House Rules are valid and shall be applicable to any and all individuals on the premises of the Cyberjump trampoline park. Individuals / customers entering the Cyberjump trampoline park are required to read these House Rules. Once the tickets have been purchased, the individual / customer has accepted these House Rules and shall observe them at all times. Individuals refusing to accept and follow these House Rules are not entitled to use the equipment / facilities located in the Cyberjump trampoline park and have the option not to enter the Cyberjump trampoline park.

    CYBERJUMP RO S.R.L. shall not be held liable for circumstances caused by the ignorance or non-compliance with these House Rules / General Contract Provisions.

    No business, promotional or sales activities are permitted in the premises of the Cyberjump trampoline park, and neither is the making of recordings for business purposes.

    The following equipment / facilities shall be operated on the premises of the Cyberjump trampoline park:

    • Open trampoline track
    • Battle Basket interactive game
    • High-performance arena
    • High-Performance WallRider, the ultimate interactive target challenge
    • Ninja warrior track - and parkour field
    • Battle Beam Track
    • Slackline
    • Airbag
    • Interactive wall - VISI TOUCH GAME
    • Interactive trampoline game - Valo Jump
    • Trapeze
    • Soccer Arena with targets
    • Multiball Arena
    • Aero Strike

    Should the intervention of the ambulance, police, firefighters, or other competent authorities be required, in the event of an emergency, please dial the emergency number: 112.

    The contact number of the National Authority for Consumer Protection is 021/9551.


    2. Entry to the Cyberjump Trampoline Park

    The following conditions must be met:

    1. A valid ticket (with certain exceptions);
    2. Registration (including the signing of various statements);
    3. Good physical and mental condition (see below);
    4. Minimum age of 4 years. Minors aged 4-6 years are permitted to use the trampoline only accompanied by an adult person in order to directly supervise the child (in this case the adult person must have a valid ticket);
    5. Due to safety reasons, the trampolines must not be used by persons weighing over 110 kg;
    6. Minors must be accompanied by at least one adult who has signed a document confirming their responsibility for the minor. And such adult too must have a valid ticket.

    For minors up to the age of 14, the presence of the accompanying adult in the park premises is required. The accompanying adult shall be responsible for the minor’s supervision and behaviour.

    No food or beverages can be brought to and consumed within the Cyberjump trampoline park. A strict no smoking policy applies within all of the Cyberjump trampoline park.

    No large luggage or bags may be brought to the Cyberjump trampoline park. Within the Cyberjump trampoline park lockers are available for storage of personal belongings (these are not intended for storage of valuables). A padlock can be rented for the locker, the deposit fee of is 50 RON / piece / day, (payable only in cash) which is only refundable on the same day. The Provider does not take responsibility for any damages caused by the possible breakage of the locker cabinets.

    The Provider is not responsible for the damage to personal belongings brought or put aside by the visitors of the Cyberjump trampoline park, if such items are stored outside the places reserved by the Provider for this purpose (outside the lockable lockers).

    Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances, and persons having conditions which may prevent them from using the Cyberjump trampoline park or diseases which could negatively impact third parties or pose an unacceptable risk to the Cyberjump trampoline park will not be granted access to the park. While staying at the Cyberjump trampoline park, visitors must behave in a responsible manner bearing in mind the overall level of risk, maintaining discipline and self-control.

    Under consideration of the provisions set-out according to these House Rules, CYBERJUMP RO S.R.L. is therefore entitled:

    • to request visitors failing to comply with these House Rules or behaving inappropriately to leave the Cyberjump Trampoline Park;
    • to deny access in the Cyberjump trampoline park to individuals who do not meet the specified requirements according to these House Rules;
    • to limit access to the Cyberjump trampoline park in special circumstances.


    3. Trampoline Use

    When using the trampolines at the Cyberjump trampoline park, the following safety rules are mandatory:

    • Before you start to jump, watch the safety instructions film.
    • Pregnant women must not use the trampolines.
    • Do not wear shoes in the trampoline jumping area. Jumping is only permitted when wearing the special socks available at the entrance. Sports apparel is required (no glasses, laces, hats, caps, or other headwear). Long hair must be tied back. Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the Cyberjump trampoline park team.
    • When jumping, you must not have any other objects on you besides the permitted apparel (keys, pendants, chains, other accessories, mobile phones, watches, cameras, etc.).
    • Always start with the simple trampolines, allow your body to warm-up.
    • Always use the trampolines responsibly. Avoid any undue risks. Make sure to remain focused during the entire time you jump.
    • Be mindful of others around you.
    • Any form of harassment of others will result in immediate expulsion from the premises of the Cyberjump trampoline park.
    • No somersaults and other dangerous tricks.
    • No pushing of others. No synchronized jumping. No launching of others in the air.
    • When diving into the foam pit, try to land as flat as possible. Diving in head or feet first may cause serious injuries.
    • No climbing onto and over security fences and nets or onto games and other park equipment. Pipes, load-bearing consoles, and lamps hanging from the ceiling are not part of the game and must not be touched.
    • No cross-jumping. Always jump in the middle of the jump field. Falling on the frame of the jump field or between jump fields may cause serious injuries.
    • Make sure your tongue remains in your mouth. No chewing gum.
    • If you need a rest, leave the jump area. When you are done jumping, leave the trampoline immediately.
    • Additional instructions can be found at the individual games.
    • When leaving the jump area, no “off-jump” is allowed.
    • Should the visitor not comply with the provisions of these House Rules or behave inappropriately, the visitor shall be stopped from performing the activity.


    4. Observance of Instructions

    Always follow the instructions of the Cyberjump trampoline park staff. If you fail to follow their instructions, you may be asked to leave the Cyberjump trampoline park without reimbursement of the ticket price. Visitors are solely responsible for any situation caused by the non-compliance with the instructions given by a staff member of the Cyberjump Trampoline Park.


    5. Risk Warnings, Liability

    Visiting the Cyberjump trampoline park bears a risk of injury. This can happen in particular when park visitors fail to observe the House Rules and overestimate their physical and mental abilities.

    At the Cyberjump trampoline park, there is no permanently available medical service.

    The visitor shall use the equipment/facilities of the Cyberjump trampoline park in accordance with these House Rules and the instructions of the Cyberjump staff. The visitor shall use the games and equipment of the Cyberjump trampoline park at your own risk. The Provider is not responsible for any accidents of the visitors which occurred due to their carelessness, negligence, disregard for their health or physical condition or breach of the park House Rules or Security Rules, or for any damage the visitors have suffered except where the equipment and games do not meet the safety regulations and/or are in an unsatisfactory condition. The Provider is not responsible for the behaviour of other visitors.

    Any threatening and irresponsible actions of other visitors must be reported to the staff of the Cyberjump trampoline park.

    The visitor is obliged to report any damage they have caused to other visitors and compensate them for such damage.

    Adults accompanying minors are fully liable for all minor visitors under their supervision.

    CYBERJUMP RO S.R.L. shall bear no liability for the customer's property loss or theft of inside the park.

    CYBERJUMP RO S.R.L. shall bear no liability for accidents and damage caused to third parties as a result of non-compliance by visitors with the instructions of Cyberjump staff and the provisions of these House Rules.


    6. Indemnification

    All injuries, accidents, and damage must be reported by the visitor immediately, and the incident needs to be registered in cooperation with an employee of the Cyberjump trampoline park. Should a visitor decide to file a damage claim, they can do so within 6 months from the date of the incident, accident, or damage registration by filing a written claim specifying and quantifying the damage.


    7. Camera Usage, Taking of Photographs and Recording of Video

    When entering the Cyberjump trampoline park, the visitor acknowledges that within the premises of the park the Provider can make group photos and video footage and use them on its website or social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, etc.) The visitors also acknowledge that the premises of the Cyberjump trampoline park are monitored by security cameras. Visitors are specifically advised of these facts when entering the premises of the Cyberjump trampoline park.


    8. Leaving the Cyberjump Trampoline Park

    Leaving the Cyberjump trampoline park, tickets lose their validity (exceptions may apply).

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